Monday, June 15, 2009

Horses seattle slew

Horses - Seattle Slew

The career of Seattle Slew, one of the most cheaply bought triple crown winners and the only one to win one while going undefeated in his career up to that point.


In the short list of triple crown winners, this horse had to be one of the biggest bargains in racing history. We're referring to the puzzle of a wonder, Seattle Slew.

The story of this horse is just another reminder of how weird the sport of horse racing can be and how unpredictable it can also be. All over the racing industry millionaires were spending small fortunes trying to breed the best horses they could in the hopes of coming away with a winner. While this mad spending was going on a few friends got together and spent $17,500 to buy Seattle Slew when he was just one year old. You wouldn't think that kind of money would get you much of anything. But these friends saw their investment go on to become a triple crown winner and also go on to be one of the greatest horses in the 20th century.

Seattle Slew was the son of Bold Reasoning and My Charmer. The horse was brought along very slowly in his career by a young trainer named William H. Turner. He was the oldest horse in history to make h


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