Monday, June 15, 2009

Host wars the battle of space disk space

Host Wars! The Battle of Space (Disk Space)

Hosting companies dramatically increasing the amount of disk space offered in hopes of gaining new customers.



Just recently, I received an email from one of the twenty hosting companies that I'm affiliated with and before I even opened it I knew what it was going to say. Pretty much the same thing that the last five emails from other hosting companies have said. "Dear Affiliate, we're happy to announce that we've included more disk space to our basic hosting plans which now offer over 20,000 Mb (mega-bytes) of disk/storage space to your customers." And the Hosting companies battle on!

Now don't get me wrong, from a marketing and advertising viewpoint, offering my customer 20,000 Mb of disk space instead of 5 or 10 thousand is something that just "sweetens the pot." Why not have extra space? Sometimes more is better. But unless you're the only person on an island with an internet connection and a hosting account thats going to be used by a small third world nation, or unless you're Ebay (TM), I don't see where the average compan


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