Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stocks option trading is it risky

Stocks Option Trading Is it Risky?

According to some experts, the intense risk takers are those that invest in stocks option trading. They are also called option players. These players usually purchase short-life assets in the hope that it will have an enormous increase in value. If the option players are able to purchase the right asset, they can expect a return of 500%, which is really huge money.

Choosing the right short-life asset is not an easy task. Besides, you will also need to wait for about two months before you can determine if you win or loose. You will lose everything if the stocks option did not increase in value or if its value remained flat. This is the main reason why many traders claim that option players are risk takers. It would have been much better if they invested in stocks because even if the value remained flat, they will not lose the money; the only thing that these traders will lose is the opportunity of investing in a much better stock.

Options are considered declining assets. The depreciation rate is faster than that of cars; in fact, the stock options will be worthless in a couple of months.

High risk comes with high rewards but this is not true all the time. Option players do believe in that clich. They claim that in order to gain extraordinary profits, a trader must be willing to take enormous risk, regardless of the amount of money involved.

Intelligent option traders are very careful with their decisions. Prudent investors are scared to invest in stock options but with thorough examination and analysis, they may be able to choose the right bet. If buying a stock option is considered very risky, selling it is even riskier. Experts even say that when you sell stock options, there is the possibility of losing more money than what you invested.

If you want to be a good options player, you must disregard the fact that it is a risky game. Think of it this way buying or selling stock options simultaneously is not risky. Properly executed strategies can create lesser risks as compared to investing in a mutual fund or stock. This entails a lot of work on the part of the trader.

If you want to become good at options trading, you must learn how it works. You must be familiar with the investment process and you must be active. You cant simply ignore your investment and so you must check or monitor all transactions, and the market as a whole, from time to time. A lot of traders hate to exert a lot of time and effort in stocks option trading but they dont realize that its nothing compared to the possible profits they can gain.

So, is stocks option trading risky? Of course it is but only to those who are very lazy to spend more time and effort in options trading. By giving yourself enough time to learn the basics of options trading and the investment process involved, you will surely be able to make a worthy investment. If you dont take the risk now, you will not be able to earn the profits you deserve. Ask yourself this question are you prepared to spend more hours in the computer analyzing market trends and other trade factors? If your answer is a yes and if you have adequate investment, proceed with stocks option trading.





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