Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stocks a winning way to scan for stocks that are in uptrends

Stocks -A Winning Way To Scan For Stocks That Are In Uptrends

To find stocks that are outbreaking in price it is needful to scan and filter out these stocks on some indicators. One of the popular but effective indicator is that of the OBV or On Balance Volume. However, how can one know to what extent is the impending move? Is the outbreak strong enough to yield a short term trade net of brokerage and round trip commissions? Learn how successful traders go beyond just scanning for OBV in this article.

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With thousands of stocks listed in the stock exchange for trading, how does a trader go about his stock selection? I am not refering to the fundamental approach where the trader studies the fundamentals of the company, and research the performance results of the company, check its price-earnings ratios or check its balance sheets and turnover and its dividend yield.

By and large among those successful traders who really make their living off by trading professionally in the stock markets, their preferred method seems to be the technical analysis approach.

By this, they use charting, and technical indicators applied to the stocks. They will devise filters or explorations, to scan for stocks that meet some selected indicators to show that the stocks are beginning to move or have started to move.

Professional traders who trade for a living have an array of trading tools to help them, but one of the most common tools they use to good effect is the indicator called On Balance Volume.

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