Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stressful moments how to cope rather than live in hope for a cure

Stressful Moments - How To Cope Rather Than Live in Hope For A Cure

How yoga is helping the sick millions the natural way.

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Why do we get stressed is a common question asked when looking for answers behind stressful moments. What a major breakthrough that would be if we could pinpoint exactly what it is that triggers these stressful bouts - but because we all differ in so many ways then trying to decipher what brings these moments to ahead can be very difficult.

Stressful moments can be brought on by many happenings or mishaps. In a stressful situation a sufferer may feel and experience loss of control of their body actions and emotions which they find is out of their jurisdiction. Stress hormones escalate out of control - this then activates an energetic flush of hormone release which speeds up the beat of the heart to pump faster which then causes muscle tension followed by accelerated breathing. These are not unusual reactions when stressful moments kick in

Other painful ailments suffered by a patient suffering from stress is migraine, back ache, palpitations, perspiration and high blood pressure - these symptoms are all c


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