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Study human psychology in advertising and marketing and make more sales

Study Human Psychology in advertising and marketing and Make More Sales

This is the fifth of a series of 10 articles on advertising and marketing and how by studying the "classic" advertising and marketing books can give you a huge advantage. It not only covers how advertising and marketing originated but goes into the importance of copywriting and how you can make more sales. All top marketers steal their secrets from these early marketers - guys like Claude Hopkins, Walter Dill Scott, Elmer Wheeler and others.

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This is the fifth article in a series of ten about advertising and marketing.

1912 Now, consider point #2 from my fourth article.

Knowing what makes people buy.

This is probably the least understood principle in marketing. The fact is, people have been sold to by the same techniques for centuries.


Because human emotions havent changed over time and they never will.

People buy for the same reasons now as they did 100 years ago, even 10,000 years ago. And will continue to do so for the next 10,000 years.

Understand what it is that makes people buy and you will succeed. And succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

And to understand this you will need to do what all top marketers have done, and that is to study those that have mastered the technique.

Understand What Your Customers Want and You Will Sell More

Not selling enough of your product? Is your conversion rate small? The reason is most likely that you don't understand what your customers want. Which, in tu


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