Friday, June 19, 2009

Stupid things stupid businesses do

Stupid Things Stupid Businesses Do

Stupid businesses push customers away. The root cause of the stupidity can be traced through employees, to managers, and ultimately to the owner. If you want your business to grow don't be stupid.

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Of course businesses aren't stupid, in fact the people in the businesses aren't stupid (I'm being kind), but they become stupid as the people in them act stupidly. How so? Im about to explain.

Stupid businesses dont grow right. They treat their customers badly. Its likely that they dont want to but they do because they have an environment of treating people badly. Employees are treated badly and they, in turn, treat the customers in like manner.

1. They dont care about the customer

2. Theyre rude or inattentive

3. They do bad work

I know there are reasons they act this way. I was in a store recently and the cashier was so worn down that she looked like a zombie. Glassy-eyed, she hardly knew I was there. She couldnt ring a particular item up right and offered no solution to the problem. No help. It was fun to pull her out of it and find a smile, but that was for a moment and then she was back to longing for the day to end.

Last week my daughter saw an employee at a Subway drive everyo


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