Saturday, June 20, 2009

Substances involving dual diagnosis

Substances Involving Dual Diagnosis

Substances used for medication or misused for
addiction can have different effects on the person who
is receiving the drug. This fact can be noted as
something which can further enhance the persons
vulnerability to the substance. Although, the effects
may differ and reactions may vary from one person to
another. All of these will depend on the quantity and
quality of the substance that were introduced to the
individual. The persons gender, mood, expectations,
age, weight and physical state of mental health can
also affect the drugs viability. Thus, dual diagnosis
is probable.

Elicit drugs that were brought up in the streets are
always mixed with different kinds of substances in
order to maximize the profit that are generated. The
result is, potency and appearance of drugs can vary
not unless the drug was for sample testing, no one
will recognize what was used.

Depressant Drugs

Depressants are usua


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