Thursday, August 20, 2009

The bimmer s bavaria

The Bimmers Bavaria

If the Ford Motor Company is the big corporate umbrella which gives shelter to the Buick, Pontiac, and Cadillac among others, then it could be said that BMW AG works the same way for the BMW MINI, and for the Rolls-Royce brands. The Rover also used to be a part of this big mother ship. BMW AG is actually an abbreviation for Baverische Motoren Werke AG. This is german for Bavarian Motor Works. This company not only manufactures vehicles and cars but also motorcycles as well. The main competitors and competition for this vehicle brand include the Acura, the Alfa Romeo, the Audi, the Cadillac, the Infiniti, the Jaguar, the Lexus, and the Mercedes Benz.

When it comes to pronouncing the acronym of this company, in its motherland, it is pronounced as bay emm vay. However, travel to North American and other regions like Jamaica, the brand is referred to as bimmers. Try to refer to BMW motorcycles and the slang for that would be beamer


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