Thursday, August 20, 2009

The bird flu and the immune system don t leave home without it

The Bird Flu and The Immune System: Don't Leave Home Without It


In this article, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon, Dr. Robert Gamble, now well-known throughout the Internet, he raises a strong warning about bird flu (H5N1). He also encourages us to bolster our immune systems and to consider the overwhelmingly powerful benefits of glyconutrition FIRST. Read this and weigh it carefully. Your life may be saved by it.

bird flu, immune system

Pollsters and advertisers tell us that people will spend a fortune getting well, trying to cure or mitigate some disease or condition but will almost never spend a dime preventing disease. This is important when considering your immune system.

Your immune system is your first line of defense against very powerful diseases in fact, against all diseases. Yet, few care about it until they need it. Translation: They are facing a debilitating disease for the first time and realize something is terribly wrong.

Wellwhat if you face a pandemic? That means you face a debilitating disease that has gone global and is infecting people through direct and easyperson to person transmission.

What about bird Flu?

Well. What about bird flureferred to as avian bird flu, Asian bird flu, h5n1 bird flu, among other names?

There is a lot of news concerning bird flu these days.

Influenza A (H5N1 bird flu) is an influenza A virus subtype that occurs mainly in birds. It is highly contagious among birds, and ca


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