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The brain in personal transformation esteem

The Brain in Personal Transformation Esteem

Understanding the basic layout of the brain will help you focus on the areas that you can probe into to find answers that help you build self-esteem by making personal transformations. The brain has many sides and each side has its own unique purpose. First, we can focus on the left side of the brain.

Considerations of the left side of the brain:
At the lower part of the brain is the cerebellum. It is this area our muscular coordination helps us to balance our movement. The area of the brain is at the rear and is located diametrically at the back of the cerebrum or front part of the brain. Typically, this side of the brain consists of 2 halves that connect with the thin inner area of the brain. It controls the brains activities, giving us balance.

Why do I need to focus on this area?
Because, it provides you motion balance. If you intend to build self-esteem through personal transformations, you will need to probe into the mind to convince this area of the brain to work in harmony with other areas of the brain.

Considerations of the right side of the brain:
In adjacent to the cerebellum is the medulla oblongata located also at the lower section of the brain. This area of the brain connects with the spinal cord. The role of the cerebellum is to help us balance vision, hearing, speech, behavior, emotions, visual recognition, sensations, basic motion, and skilled movements. Yet this area works in union with other areas of the brain, including the medulla oblongata. At the lowermost section of the rain, it links to the vertebrates. Continuously it works with the spinal cord to control involuntary vital functions, e.g. the ones involved with the lungs and heart.

By taking care of the vertebrates and the spinal cord through exercise, one can join the medulla and cerebellum so that the two work in harmony. Amid the medulla and cerebellum are darker areas of the brain, which are the nerve cells. These darker cells are defined as the Purkinje Cells, in which they are the larger nerve cells. Thus, it helps us to deduce that we must also take care of this nerve cell. If the nerve cells suffer or are damaged - it can cause us to experience great stress that ultimately affects our attitude. We see a need to take care of the body and mind then to build self-esteem and to make personal transformations.

Slightly above the medulla is the Pons and just above the Pons is the third ventricle. The Pons is our brain nerve fibers that form as whitish bands that connect to the surface of our brainstems amid the medulla and the midbrain. Since we are made up of moral fibers, it is logical to deduce that one must feed the brain and body natural remedies to heal itself. This ventricle is another focus we want to give attention to. Because this is the connection to the artery of the body, thus it is responsible for carrying oxygenated blood to other arteries. Otherwise, it could cause hydrocephalus to set in, which is the serious increase of CSF or cerebrospinal fluid. We must take care of the heart and brain to keep this area healthy.

Good health is essentially necessary to help us boost our self-esteem and make personal transformations. The brain sections out into other parts, which on the right side of the brain just above the 3rd ventricle is the Crus cerebri of the midbrain. This is exceptionally of importance to us because the midbrain acts as our ear, which allows us to hear and balance the body and mind. This middle area of the brain has three chief divisions of either the embryonic or the adult brain in the vertebrates. The technical name is mesencephalon. Learn more about the brain so that you can build self-esteem through personal transformations.


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