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The brand new wizard

The Brand New Wizard

Value: Patience

Sammy was a very impatient little wizard. He had been studying under the great wizard Orzo for a year and still could only do the simple tricks. How often he went to the base of the mountain and saw Orzo go to the top where the lightning flashed about him as he called out the great spells that sent healing and miracles into the villages below.

Sammy knew there was one great spell that was so powerful; it would even defeat the great dragon Belial. But the most powerful spell he knew was just the word “Ippidi Bippidi” which he could use to make fire come from the end of a stick. And even that was hard to use because he kept burning up the stick, making the fire go into something wrong like his dog Ralph or it would shoot out the wrong end of the stick. Plus most of the time when Sammy use the spell “Ippidi Bippidi”, his pants fell down.

“If you want to do great magic and such,” the great wizard laughed seeing his performance, “you will need to learn to keep your pants up each time.”

Sometimes Orzo took him on adventures as long as he promised to just mind the food and not try to battle the great dragon before he was ready. And Sammy did as he was told because while he was impatient, he was obedient to his master. In the last great battle, Sammy was able to get close and see the horrible dragon spewing hate and fire and lies and death at the villages and at Orzo. Sammy crept closer and closer to learn as much as he could about how the great wizard defeated the evil one.

Suddenly Orzo threw his hands into the air with his staff between them and looked up into the sky above the dragon, the battle, the village and all else and said the most powerful magic word of the universe. The powerful spell created an eruption of power from Orzo’s staff that sent the evil dragon flying in terror from the battle. Sammy listened closely and learned the word but he dared not say it. He hid it in his heart until it was his time.

Peace came to the land for a year and Sammy grew better at his duties. “Look master,” he ran into the chambers with Ralph, his dog right behind him. “I have gotten better at the spell.” He said.

He held out his tiny stick which was his staff. Then squinting his eyes to concentrate he said the spell. “IPPIDI BIPPIDI” he said and he held his breath. Sure enough, a small pillar of fire shot from the proper end and did not hit the dog. But the stick was a little burnt at the end so it needed work. “See?” Sammy said thrusting out his chest proudly and his pride might have lifted him from the ground. But then his pants fell down.

“We have to get you better pants little wizard.” His master laughed but it was clear Orzo was pleased at the progress. “It takes great patience to become a great wizard but one day I will teach you the master spell, the word that is above all words and can even defeat the great dragon.” Orzo promised and Sammy didn’t have the courage to tell him he had learned the word but never breathed it.

Belial struck without warning and this time on the home village of Sammy and Orzo. Before they had a chance to counter attack, the great evil was up on the town spreading devastation and death. Sammy and Orzo bolted from their beds hearing his terrible roars and seeing his fiery breath exploding out in the village everywhere.

“SAMMY, FIND MY STAFF!” Orzo commanded frantically as he gathered his gear to take the battle to the dragon. Together they shot out the door and out into the town. As soon as they were into the courtyard, they stood at the feet of the great beast. Sammy knew this was bad because Orzo did his best war from the mountaintop, not down in the valley where the village was.

“HIDE SAMMY.” Orzo commanded. Sammy quickly found an overturned wagon to stay behind. The flames flew form Belial and from the mighty staff of Orzo as the fierce war between good and evil took place right in the midst of mankind. Suddenly, Sammy saw a baby waddling out from its home nearby. The mommy was crying out in terror as she watched her baby walking directly toward Belial.

Sammy moved without thinking. He dove and scooped up the baby and rolled with it back to the doorstep of the mommy. She cried loudly and snatched his baby and pulled her inside. Just then, Belial roared and fire shot out toward Sammy. Sammy rolled out of the way just in time. But when he turned over, he saw something that terrified him. Orzo had turned to watch Sammy save the baby and that distracted was all the enemy needed. Just as Orzo raised his staff to utter the word that is above all words, Belial’s claw slapped him to the ground. Orzo rolled over and over and came to rest injured and moaning.

Sammy discovered courage inside him that he never knew was there. He reached down and grabbed the staff of his master and stepped into the clearing directly in front of the demonic dragon. Just then, Orzo woke up but could not move for his injuries. “SAMMY NO!” he cried out. But Sammy somehow found the strength in side him. He lifted the staff into the air in one hand.

“IPPIDI BIPPIDI!” He spoke the only spell he had practiced. A tiny flame shot from the staff and barely burnt the dragons toe. Instead of hurting him, that only made Belial angry. It rose up on its hind legs and roared in fierce fury rising high to bring his feet down to destroy the village once and for all. Sammy decided he had to use the secret word he had learned, the word above every word. There was no time to learn it or wait for Orzo to teach him. He lifted his staff up high over his head and grasped it in both hands and then he shouted the words….

‘IN THE NAME OF JESUS!” He spoke and the authority in his voice shattered the air and brought trembling to Sammy, the villagers and even to Orzo. Suddenly there was silence. Belial froze in mid attack, unable to move. And then, as though he had been exploded from the inside, his form just turned to mist and disappeared. The great evil was defeated.

“Am I in trouble for knowing the words?” Sammy asked his master as he helped him back to their home.

“No, they are all words that all who serve our Lord should know. For He is the greatest wizard, not I and not you. And those words, well, that is the name that no evil can stand against.” His master said reverently. “Because at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, both on earth and under the earth and in heaven.” He said giving his apprentice a loving squeeze. “But you know what the best part is?” Orzo said

“What master?” Sammy asked as Ralph barked and ran ahead into their home.

“Well you finally learned to cast your great spells,” Orzo said with a laugh, “without your pants falling down.”


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