Monday, August 24, 2009

Use solar heating to reduce your household heating costs

Use Solar Heating To Reduce Your Household Heating Costs

The cost of heating your home is going up fast. You can lower your bills by using solar power.

cheap fuel bills

We would all like cheaper electricity and gas bills. Most of us shop around for the provider with the lowest electricity, gas or oil prices and leave it at that, but there are other ways to warm your house. Not only could you save money in the long term by reducing your household fuel bills, but you can also do so in a more environmentally friendly way and, in today's world of global warming which produces extreme weather conditions, that is a major factor for many people.

Solar heating can reduce your electricity bills no matter where you live. Obviously, where you live will determine how much sunshine you will get in an average day, but even on a cloudy day with the sun low on the horizon you can still benefit. If you live in a warm climate and don't need heating for much of the year, you still may wish to heat the swimming pool.

What Equipment Do I Need?
A typical system uses collectors, also called heating panels. These are generally mounted on a south facing roof which should ideally be pitched a


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