Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Radiant floor heat it warms your soles but it doesn t empty your pockets

Radiant Floor Heat: It Warms Your Soles But it Doesn't Empty Your Pockets

Article on benefits of radiant floor heating...

radiant floor heating

There is no doubt that radiant floor heating is a superior method of heating your home. Its popularity is steadily increasing as people discover that not only is it the most comfortable form of heating, but also the most cost efficient.

Though comfort and cost are the two biggest benefits of this heating system there are many others:

-Silent operation no hum or whistle of a forced air system.

-Inconspicuousness of the system you dont see vents or air blowing.

-A healthier home forced air systems can spread dust, pollen, and germs.

-Even, quiet warmth: even with wood, tile, or uncovered concrete floors.

-Also, radiant heat is less likely to dry out your breathing passages and skin.

The warmth of the floor on a cold winter morning would probably be enough to convince a lot of people that radiant floor heating is the best thing since sliced bread. However, after discovering the cost savings, there is usually no going back.

Radiant floor heating concentrates the heat in the lower half of a roo


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