Friday, June 19, 2009

Stuttering brain, explaining the connection

Stuttering Brain Explaining the Connection

Stuttering may be hard to be dealt with by adults, especially when they cant get the jobs that they want simply because they dont have enough confidence or the right approach to be able to express their thoughts. But just imagine how this situation affects children who are only starting to spread their wings and socialize only to be ridiculed because of the condition that they have. Ones stuttering brain and words will have a great impact on ones life if they will not get the proper treatment and actions to try and cure the condition.

On Your Mind

It may be amazing to see this condition being able to sing fluently, even read aloud with such ease and talk to oneself with not so much of fumbling. What does this prove? Up to this date, studies are still being conducted to strengthen the claims and proofs to relate ones stuttering to something that has gone bad on their brains.

But is this really all on your mind? In Minnesota, researchers proved that mor


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