Friday, June 19, 2009

Stuttering treatment for school aged kids

Stuttering Treatment for School Aged Kids

Stuttering treatment for school aged kids is different from the one used on preschoolers. This is because the objectives for both are different. The goal for preschoolers is simply to help the child develop fluent normal speech. For school aged children, the goal is to treat what causes stuttering.

Another thing that school aged kids need to do is learn to control their physical behavior whenever they stutter. The eyes usually blink while the body or the head shakes. School aged kids need to improve on that too so the type of therapy they need does not only focus on fluency.

For that, you will need to bring your child to a speech language pathologist who is comfortable working with kids at their age. They have to be certified and licensed as well so if you dont know where to find one, look online and visit the website of the Stuttering Foundation of America.

There is no cure for stuttering. In fact, each case is different which is why treatment for school a


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