Friday, June 19, 2009

Style over power

Style over Power

The Ford Escort held its head high above competition more because of its style rather than the power and performance that it held since its power and performance was considered to be meager. The Ford Motor Company has certainly made technological and styling wonders with the cars and vehicles that they have crafted over the years.

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The Ford Escort has been roaming the streets of Europe since 1961, however, North American was introduced to this vehicle in 1981. This was crafted basically after inspiration hit over the success of its European model. And if the Ford Escort has been a success in Europe, it has well been another success for the Ford Motor Company, its manufacturer, with its introduction to the US.

This vehicle shares most of its parts with the European Ford Escort Mk 3. However, this vehicle, the Ford Escort of North America, bears a design and styling that is different from its European counterpart. When it was introduced, Ford made certain that it was available in two body styles that comprised of the 3-door hatchback and the wagon that sported four doors. It was also manufactured in five trim levels that include the base, the L, the GL, the GLX, and the SS. This vehicle come equipped with a small engine that starts with the 1.6 liter 68 hp upon its introduction, up until the 2.0 liter 130 hp engine that was mounted o


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