Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Raising a puppy

Raising A Puppy

This article covers the important things you need to know if you are raising a puppy.

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Raising a puppy can be a very rewarding experience but it can also be a lot of hard work. This is something that a lot of people don't take into consideration when getting a new dog. Puppies much like human infants, need almost constant care and attention especially in the earlier stages. Puppies love to use their mouths to explore objects around them. Smelling and tasting are the primary ways a puppy will learn about new things. If that 'new thing' is an electric cable or something small that could lodge in its throat your puppy could be in trouble. It's very easy for a puppy to get into trouble if it is not constantly supervised.

Another problem that can occur when raising and training a puppy is what could be termed as the 'cuteness factor'. Puppies by their very nature can be adorable. This seems all well and good on the surface but can cause problems when it comes to teaching your new puppy the dos and don'ts. If your puppy has done


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