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Rasta man in self regulation of private speech

Rasta man in Self Regulation of Private Speech

Peace and love that is all we ask for but we seem to end up with something else. Some of the people in Jamaica are Rasta Man who only believe in love and peace and will only eat meat. Ironically, these people live healthier than many people that have not established these beliefs.

Perhaps we could all work toward becoming a Rasta man or woman and find amazement at the results. Rasta man follows the Western Indian Sectors, which in this instance the Rasta man believes black is the chosen and admires the Haile Selassie. This is the ancient Ethiopia, which is a sort of god.

Rastafarians is another name for these people, which this cultural belief system and structural foundation comes from biblical references. Rasta man does not always believe however that Ethiopia is their God, rather than focus their faith in one notion, such as Mi nuh inna di 'one love' ting or anything.

In short, we must become righteous so to speak, by building our faith and believing in what we want to become. We all are individual people that must discover self and set up our belief system before we can accomplish what we intend to master.

When we take time to develop a whole person and establish our beliefs it makes life much simpler despite we live in a high-stressed world. Therefore, get on the road to establish your faith and work toward developing you as a whole.

We must admit that life has its order in which we stand despite of what beliefs we set for self. In addition, we want to find that spiritual side, yet we want to establish truths rather than follow some religious sect that leads us to believe in something.

We can establish this faith and truth, as well as many other aspects of our human by developing and using our self-regulation and private speech.

Self-regulation in itself can mean many things for a single person. Despite what it means however, it is the process of self-promotion by using finding levels of our self that we want to restrain. Usually we place restraints on thoughts, emotional feelings, or actions that would cause us harm. For instance, smoking will cause us harm, so we can use our self-regulation to control this habit, which emerge from subliminal thoughts. By using our private speech, or self-talk tool we can take control of our life and stop some of the things we think and do that will cause us harm.

How to establish self-regulation and private speech?
First, you must unveil the masks that hide you from seeing who you are. You want to develop a full understanding of your personality. By establishing your personality you will welcome self-regulation and private speech easier. You will also need to discover your likes, dislikes, or discomforts. Next, you must move to realize that you must find comfort with some of your discomforts.

We recommend you practice some biofeedback tactics to help you make a connection with your physiological responses, such as your heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure. Amazingly, people that have tried biofeedback tactics have gained control over these physiological aspects and were able to drop their blood pressure down 30 counts. This is a true example of self-regulation.

With this type of biofeedback you will need to find a relaxing area and terminate any distractions, such as background noise. Once you are in a relaxing position you will focus on your toes and tense the body, then work up the body, thus focusing on every part of your person. You will begin meditation at the moment you start the process, which the results will guide you to a relax state of mind. As you move along you will notice all aspects of you, by focusing on your heart rate. Notice how your heart beats.

Go online to learn additional steps in biofeedback to help you encourage self-regulation and private speech.


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